Capcom Cup 2018
Capcom USA  |  FingerCramp  |  Broadcast Design Director  |  2018
Every Capcom ProTour and Capcom Cup requires the same set of elements: bumpers, thirds, in-game overlays, downtime screens, transitions, brackets, player cards and vs cards. These are all designed from the ground up each year and incorporates many incremental improvements to the functionality of the broadcast and its visuals. Each package is a 3-month process of iteration in which I design, animate, test, render and package each and every asset needed for the broadcast.
Looping Wallpaper
Analyst Desk Transition into 4-Person Lower 3rds
Live Brackets for Top 8 w/ Foreground Trophy Transition
Sliding Trophy Transition into Event Bug
In-House Venue Screen Graphics
Player Cards and Versus Cards
2-Person Centered Lower 3rds
Pre-Match Player Traits Side-by-Side
Player Match-Up Character Select Scoreboard (w/ Score Update Animation)
In-Game Score and Sponsor Bug
Downtime Screen Transition
Replay Mortise
2018 Champion In-House Venue Graphics
End of Stream Looping Wallpaper
Social Media Talent Line-Up Post & After Party Post
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