Capcom protour 2018
Capcom USA  |  FingerCramp  |  Broadcast Design Director  |  2018
The Capcom ProTour is a year-long tournament series featuring more than 40 events spread across 6 regions in 25 countries. It is the most recognized fighting game league in the world and set the broadcast standard for fighting games year-over-year. And with the launch of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition in January 2018, the ProTour would need a new coat of paint to reflect the new look of the game's interface.
Looping Wallpaper
Scrolling Ticker Bar Component
Opening Video Logo Animation w/ Transition into Commentator 3rds​​​​​​​
Side-by-Side Mortise
In-Game Score & Sponsor Bugs
Live Dynamic Double Elimination Brackets
Picture-in-Picture Mortise
Evo Co-Branded In-Game Sponsor Bug
Evo Co-Branded Lower 3rds
Alternate Pre-Game Score Markers (Not Used)
Infographic Slides: 2018 Inaugural Event Viewership & Regional Open Points Matrix
Static Ad: DLC Costume Release & ProTour North American Finals
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