This or that
Riot Games  |  League Championship Series  |  Graphic & Motion Designer  |  2023-2024
This or That is a live-broadcast show segment that asks the two hosts (usually Jatt & Kobe), six fun questions about the big topics of the week while also predicting the result of the final game/storyline of the day. Each of the six questions consists of 3 slides featuring fun, creative photoshops of the pro players and champions. And because the questions are answered live, the segment runs for approximately 7 minutes with many of the graphics being created incredibly quickly -- sometimes minutes before the segment aired.
My ultimate goal is to get the hosts to laugh so hard that it derails the show. If I can achieve that, then I know my work is truly making a difference.
Given that each show features six questions, with 3 slides per question, it's safe to say I created a trove of images over the course of 30+ weeks of shows. This is but a small sample of the wide variety of craziness I created for the broadcasts.
Each segment of This or That gets posted to YouTube immediately after it airs live. Because of this quick turnaround, I would screencap the 1080p reaction shots of the hosts that work best for a thumbnail. Sometimes the quality is quite low, which required me to upscale, sharpen and clean up the stills of the hosts in order to be presentable for a YouTube thumbnail.
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