The dive
Riot Games  |  League Championship Series  |  Graphic Designer  |  2023-2024
My first role on the Creative Services team for the LCS at Riot Games was designing fun, high-engagement thumbnails for The Dive on YouTube. The Dive is a weekly podcast discussing all the changes and storylines of the North American LCS and my goal was to match the humor of the show with bespoke photoshop designs that make audiences smile as soon as the videos hit their subscription feed. Each one of these were created in 1-3 hours the evening before the episode goes live.
During the off-seasons (between Spring & Summer Splits), The Dive existed as combination of North America's The Dive podcast and Europe's EUphoria podcast, known as DIVEphoria. These thumbnails tended to be more traditional with the hosts' expressions rather than the topics being discussed. The branding for each is set to the event the show was supporting (MSI, WQS, WORLDS, etc).
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