Scholastic print materials
Scholastic Publishing  |  Print Production Designer  |  2016
From 2016-2017 I was a freelance print production designer with Scholastic Publishing in their Classroom Magazines division. Each semester required creating new updated print materials for their 24 (at the time) magazines for grades 1 through 12. The magazines were split by subject/grade level amongst the marketing managers, and it was our task as print designers to work alongside them to craft new designs to appeal to each demographic.
An Assortment of Designs for Magazines
Each magazine had the mostly the same marketing materials, typically consisting of a flyer, a full-color letter, a black & white letter and an order card. The package below for CHOICES magazine (aimed at high school students) has all those components.
Choice Magazine Print Materials
Many of the magazines and conventions have brand assets like fonts, colors and graphical elements associated with them. Designing with these assets while improving on the previous year's design was essential in maintaining recognition from teachers and students alike.
Catalogue Ads and Convention Flyers 
One of the challenges of working with so many different branded magazines, was finding a way to unify them under a more neutral design for Classroom Magazines' catalogues. This tri-fold cataloguette was one of those moments when implementing a cleaner, less playful design helped bring clarity to each product.
Tri-Fold Cataloguette (Front & Back)
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