Scholastic digital
Scholastic Publishing  |  Designer & Animator  |  2017
While the core responsibility I had at Scholastic was to design the printed marketing material for the Classroom Magazines, downtime was often filled with created supplemental digital material. This included emails, web ads, social media posts and video content.
Scholastic Emails
These emails were designed by me (and on occasion, animated) then handed off to the department's marketing web developers to implement.
Scholastic Web Ads
These web ads were displayed mainly on Scholastic's own classroom magazines websites to promote their other magazines and teaching resources.
Social Media Posts
Part of the marketing meetings required going through issues of the many different classroom magazines and pinpointing interesting charts and graphics that could be animated and used for social media.
Animated Infographics
A small sample of the types of animations that I created and oversaw from junior designers.
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