Monster Hunter Mondays
Capcom USA  |  FingerCramp  |  Stream Designer  |  2016
Prior to the launch of Monster Hunter Generations, Capcom wanted to bring back Monster Hunter Mondays with a more stylized, energetic and community focused approach. Using assets provided by Capcom Japan, I designed a modular broadcast that could accommodate 1-4 hosts week to week alongside some fun downtime activities for viewers. Live-tweets, helpful tips, follower and subscriber shout-outs, and trivia were all crafted to keep audiences engaged and supportive of the new format.
Pre-Stream Countdown
Full Screen Video w/ Lower 3rds
Full Screen Transition into 4-Player Screens
Side-by-Side Screens
1-Person Screen w/ Face Cam Transition into Downtime
New Follower and New Subscriber Live Pop-Ups
Original (Left) & Relaunched  (Right)
Early Stage Layout Explorations
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