Monkey & Peach issue 2
Westbound Comics  |  Print Production Manager, Editor & Designer  |  2021
Monkey & Peach's second issue was just as jam packed with content as issue one. This time around though, the team wanted to create a unique wrap-around cover for the main issue and three variant covers; one, drawn by series artist Hammling featuring a gold foil print with soft-touch coating, and two others, drawn by Jerry Ma and Bernard Chang
After managing a successful Kickstarter campaign for issue 2, I needed to make sure production on our rewards came in on-time and within budget. I meticulously combed through the issue, ensuring every part of it was ready for printing, and then partnered with Smartpress for the production, making the tail end of the project a painless experience.
Campaign Video
The campaign video for issue 2 needed to recap the events of issue 1, briefly go over what the campaign is about and get backers excited for what's to come with issue 2. Instead of filming co-creators David Chun and Hammling, they chose to voice over the trailer. With some stock trailer music to help the video and narrative feel more epic, the full campaign video was a hit with backers and fans on social media.
Comic Book Photos
Above are some of the production mock-ups and in-progress InDesign screen shots for the issue. Below are the product shots for Issue 2's four variant covers and interior spreads after printing with Smartpress.
Campaign Rewards
Below are the many rewards we created for issue 2. I designed the two Youkai pins: a glow-in-the-dark Yuurei pin, and a glittery Wanyuudo pin. Both pins are packaged with a gold foil stamped card. We also made 2 sets of stickers, a 3-piece Hero set, and a 3-piece Youkai set in addition to a single gold foil Inugami sticker, all of which were illustrated by Hammling. And finally, we made a set of 5x7 premium art cards showcase the campaign banner and issue 2's cover art works.
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