Monkey & peach Kickstarter Campaign
Westbound Comics  |  Campaign Manager, Illustrator, Video Editor, Logo, Motion & Graphic Designer  |  2019
Monkey & Peach was the first Kickstarter campaign that I had the pleasure of managing. From the first meeting with co-creators David Chun & Hammond Liang (Hammling), I was excited to be a part of the project. Working alongside the duo, I created not only the design and layout for the campaign page, but also helped in structuring the time frame for deliverables and reward fulfillment, which required speaking with a multitude of vendors who were able to produce the items we needed within a budget that was very volatile. The campaign was a complete success and the team delivered all rewards on time to backers.
Logo Designs
Campaign Video
Backer Rewards
Convention Flyer, Ukiyo-E Alternate Cover, Oni Slash T-Shirt Graphic
Convention Samples
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