LCS Game Changers
Riot Games  |  LCS Game Changers  |  Print, Apparel & Brand Designer  |  2023
The LCS Game Changers is Riot Games's initiative to highlight the talent of women players at the collegiate level. 2023's Game Changers finals comprised of three teams, Arcana, Astrocats and Serenity. As the lead designer on Game Changers, I was tasked with designing the jerseys for each of the teams, a set of trading cards for each of the players, and creating broadcast and social media graphics to support the production team running the event.
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Group Photography
Pre-Production Apparel Concepts
Before the team names and brands were finalized, I designed a set of apparel as the basis for early design exploration. The sweatshirt and sweatpants were created for the coaching staff and production staff.
Final Team Jerseys
Once the teams' colors and logos were approved, their branding was applied to the selected jersey design that I had created earlier. Jerseys feature a soft gradient and the Game Changers "dashes" as a sleeve motif.
Player Trading Cards
After player photography was wrapped, I created a set of a trading cards that production would use during the broadcast to highlight specific players. A set of team cards was given to the players as a fun way to commemorate their experience during the Game Changers finals.
Supporting Social Graphics
Prior to the finals, I created some supporting schedule graphics, a YouTube VOD template, as well as some basic wallpaper treatments for use in the League of Legends In-Game client.
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