Halo valentine's day cards
343 Industries  |  Microsoft  |  Illustrator & Designer  |  2022
One of the last projects I worked on during my short time at 343 was these Valentine's day cards. Each one was a hit with the studio and with fans on social media. I chose to attempt different coloring styles so that I could practice illustrating in Procreate and the end result was wholesome, fun and in the spirit of the 343's comradery.
Physical CD design
Illustrated & Designed 5000 Zenny Bank Note
Final Album Cover Design
These were the initial drafts of the Valentine's Day cards for social media. While I was originally tasked with designing just 2, I ended up cranking out a bunch of ideas, many of which the team felt were worth developing. In the end, the three above were finalized by me with some of the other concepts handed off to other designers to complete.
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