Giani pride
Giani New York  |  Designer & Animator  |  2018
Since its inception in 2012, I've been working closely with the founder of Giani to build the SoHo based street wear brand. One of Giani's releases was this pride month graphic t-shirt and animation with the core message that "We are happy together."
The Seamless Looping Animation
I had the idea to use the Giani mascot face as a stand in for the letter A in the word "happy". After a few doodle sessions in my notebook, I quickly realized that the silhouette can easily become the h, p and y, so that the entire word is five mascots. That, in turn, brought me to the phrase "We are happy together" as I felt the symbolism of the word and the mascots fit together quite well. All that was left was to develop a pride wave pattern and animate it altogether. 
The White Tee
An Alternative Black Tee
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