Game Trailers
Capcom USA  |  Motion Graphics & Editing  |  2014-2018

A selection of work from a wide swath of client projects set to the upbeat music of Hyper Potions.

A full rundown of every Capcom Cup 2018 graphic asset created for the year-end event.

The Capcom ProTour 2018 broadcast graphics package was one of my favorite packages. This reel, set to the 2018 theme song, showcases all the in-and-out animations of each scene.

A long but small sample of the work created for the FingerCramp YouTube channel. This was my first ever demo reel.

The Capcom Cup 2014 was the first major esports broadcast I had the pleasure of designing from the ground up. This reel covers all the assets associated with the broadcast.

A silent showcase of the Vengo machine and some customer interactions.
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