digital Assets
Various Companies  |  Designer & Animator  |  2020-2022
Below are three samples of one-off digital assets that I created for SYBO Games, Penguin Random House and Crunchyroll Games.
Subway Surfers Web & Social Ads
A presentation on tackling web banners and layouts utilizing a set of core assets.
Penguin Young Readers Pride Month Email
An animated e-mail graphic showcasing 4 styles of presentation (1 book, 2 books, 4 books). The simple Memphis-style graphic motion grabs the readers attention.
Crunchyroll Games Grand Summoners One-Page Site
Utilizing diagonal arrow shapes to help break up the boring straight lines of the web containers, I designed this Grand Summoners one-page site. Below I also created an animated graphic to showcase the gameplay (captured on my iphone) instead of static graphics, which helps alleviate how confusing the game may appear in a static frame.
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