Catching up with doublelift
Riot Games  |  League Championship Series  |  Graphic Designer  |  2023-2024
Catching Up With Doublelift is an Eric Andre style show that presents a ridiculous, non-sensical style of content to the LCS catalogue. MarkZ typically asks his guests bizarre questions and strange requests that offer a humorous glimpse into the personalities of the pro players. My role as thumbnail designer is to capture the wackiness of each episode by finding the most expressive moments of Mark and his guests.
Each episode of Catching Up With Doublelift is turned around rather quickly. Because of this, I would grab still frames from an early production cut that show the best expressions of the cast for a thumbnail. Sometimes the quality of a still is quite low due to laughter and motion blur which requires me to upscale, sharpen and clean up the stills for YouTube. Below you can see a before and after of a thumbnail.
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