The dive 2024 rebrand
Riot Games  |  League Championship Series  |  Brand, Motion & Graphic Designer  |  2024
2024 saw the LCS launch a whole new rebrand along with a new commissioner, new broadcast format and live patch games. It's an exciting set of changes that have been incredibly popular among fans of the LCS. Alongside the league itself, all the LCS branded content needed to be updated to reflect the new look. As the designer most familiar with The Dive, I was tasked with updating its look.
I took that assignment as a way to improve the workflow of the podcast, providing the entire package as editable MOGRT files that video editors unfamiliar with Adobe After Effects, could use in Adobe Premiere to assemble easily configurable graphics.
The First Episode of 2024
One of the 4 Living Holds
Intro Sequence Test
Lower 3rds Test
Early Mock-Ups of The Dive Package
Example of Custom Tweet MOGRT File
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