Capcom Unity Logo & Brand Proposal
Capcom USA  |  FingerCramp  |  Identity Designer  |  2016
As fans of Capcom's many IPs, we felt the Capcom Unity portal did not offer a singular and cohesive vision that delivered an experience that fans wanted. Analyzing Capcom Unity's network of social media channels, I developed a brand identity built on 3 core pillars. With a new logo and clear strategy, I proposed how this cohesive identity would be utilized in this 24-page pitch deck. The rebrand launched in early 2017 before Capcom Unity as a brand was dissolved in mid-2018. Confidential slides have been omitted.
Logo Animation with Street Fighter IP colors
Unity Stream Downtime Mortise Mock-Up
Unity Stream 2-Person Lower 3rds Mock-Up
Unity Stream Full Frame Mock-Up
Unity Stream PIP Mock-Up
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