Battle for the Stones
Capcom  |  FingerCramp  |  Broadcast Design Director  |  2017
The Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Battle for the Stones tournament took place during the Capcom Cup 2017 right before the Street Fighter V finals. Capcom needed a way to show non-game meta stones that players could use throughout the tournament at any moment to change the course of their match. There were 6 stones in total and each would need to be shown on screen over the gameplay at the start of the match when they were used. The final design was a huge success and was integrated seamlessly into the Capcom Cup 2017 graphics package.

An Example of the Stones Being Activated at the Start of the Round

Battle for the Stones Downtime and Gameplay Ultrawide Displays

The Ultrawide Display Animation for a Stone Activation

The Champion Ultrawide Display Animation
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